State of Teams 

Update to Atlassian’s “State of Teams”, an ongoing study revealing macro-level trends between teams and employers. It identifies working trends among workers, and solutions for employers for establishing higher performing and happier overall teams.

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2023illustrationstyle guides  

illustration work

Updating and creating illustrations to match Atlassian’s already existing tandem style.

Part 1: illo updates
Worked on updating multiple existing illustrations. Focus was primarly on updating the people, so that limbs would be separated and easily adjusted. Attached to the left are some before and afters.

Part 2: creating new illustrations for atlassian’s platform
Worked on/ideated new ideas for atlassian’s new platform update, which has a new style. Updates on the right include: hero updates, product demo slide exploration, and logo exploration. 


Product Whitepapers 

Condensing and laying out Atlassian product update information in a clear and concise—yet, design appropriate manner for readers.

Whitepapers are a guide to inform readers about various things, in Atlassian’s case, they served as guides for various types of information about their various products and applications. 
These whitepapers served as not only information guides, but also were created through the usage of a toolkit, which allowed there to be a consistency among them all. However, the toolkit served solely as a guide and didn’t have to be completely restrictive—changes to it could be applied if it made sense. 


platform overview video 

Aided in the video process, ideation, and storyboarding for an overview video on Atlassian’s platform.

This project taught me a lot about interdisciplinary collaboration in the context of motion and video creation, the concept to storyboard to motion process, and the importance of always having an open line of communication. 

Note: The first gallery set is part of the ideation process that I worked up. Second set is the final version that was created + some before/afters of making it.