(18+) Editorial magazine type exploration using fetish and fashion as the overarching theme.

Utilizing the british alternative magazine Bizarre as inspiration, I wanted to create a modern take on this no longer publishing magazine and create a mock up that could potentially showcase what a version of it could look today. 

Luminous Darkness

Thesis exploration of death and the human body through textile exploration using archive and avant garde couture as inspiration.

Terror Management theory proposes that nearly all human activity is driven by fear of death: one of life’s greatest mysteries and its ultimate inevitability. What if, instead of being afraid, we could embrace death? There’s a certain beauty in knowing that life is finite and that everything will come to an end, for everyone—because there can be no death without life. This recalls one of the most debated topics: life after death; a ponderable imponderable. 

at a moment’s notice

An exploration of the dichotomous nature of concerts on one’s mind and body through a contemporary approach to half-tone texture.

This zine uses a culmination of my own imagery in addition to found imagery in order to convey the sense of duality that concerts allow us to experience. 
The words/phrases in this zine are pulled from a self written, and longer poem that describes this juxtaposing ambiance that can come from concerts. However, I wanted pull apart key words from it to help guide the zine flow.

State of Teams 

Update to Atlassian’s “State of Teams”, an ongoing study revealing macro-level trends between teams and employers. It identifies working trends among workers, and solutions for employers for establishing higher performing and happier overall teams.

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Organic Blenders

A set of conceptual blenders inspired by organic forms.

This was a project was done in a semster-long course that focused on contemporary product design. The two main programs utilized in this course were SolidWorks and KeyShot. SolidWorks was used for creating the CAD renders and KeyShot was used for creating the texture, color, and different surfaces.


Psychology of Color

A zine that explores the psychology of color by utilizing the research and thesis of Rose Rider as a main source of data collection.

I was intrigued and inspired by the idea of spray paint and wanted to mimic something similar. So, through the use of gradients, I was able to evoke a similar mood to showcase and create individual designs for each color while still keeping them cohesive.

AR Glasses

Year-long multidisciplinary project in collaboration with a corporate partner used to identify pain points and provide an in-depth solution in regard to DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion).

fontsinuse website redesign

This website redesign reimagines fontsinuse.com through two different layouts that utilize contemporary approaches to typography.